Tenley Myers - When the Mirror Breaks

From: Tenley Myers
Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2010 2:18 PM
To: 'Tenley Meyers'; 'Mom'; 'Summer'; 'Tor '; Tor's Work
Cc: Tenley Myers 5
Subject: RE: Metadata decision addl info

why are you still on probation for failing a drug test or something.

i am an OPEN book. go ahead. email everyone I know whatever you want. trust me, they will see you for the low life you are and love me anyway!

do you want me to fax dad's arrest warrent to your work? that can happen in a heartbeat if you EVER reply in a hostil manner again.

Your lack of interest in working with me on Metadata is duly noted.

You will now NOT be consulted, nor do you deserve to be consulted on anything else ever again.

Good luck in settling your half on YOUR OWN..