When The Mirror Breaks

Tenley Myers (AKA); Tenley None Myers, Tenley Leroy, Tenley Meyers, Tenley Mcelroy, Tenley Elroy, Tenley M Myers, Tenley Hatzakis, Mrs. Antonio Smith, Sharon Needles, Paige Turner, RunHappy, jacqueline daniels)

David Aragon vs. Tenley Meyers

You may notice that I misspelled her last name with an extra ‘e’ before the ‘y’. This is on purpose to show just how much of a liar she is. When the Aragon’s filed the complaint (Case )against her they misspelled her name. The interesting thing about that is that in the beginning of the trial when they ask you to state your name she never corrected them. She even spelled it that way as if it was correct. This is how she tries to keep everything convoluted and confusing for everyone else. It keeps her in the shadows so to speak.

On this page I will attempt to summarize the situation and show you just what your dealing with when you live next to Tenley, especially when she is doing Agnes bidding. Not that she needs her for that, but it made it more fun and less risk. When Agnes is getting what she wants she is willing to pay for the lawyers.

Harassment in the Words of Tenley

The following section is what was all told to me directly by Tenley. After that I get into more information I dug up directly from this involved and court documents.

Tenley had a neighbor that was in a legal battle with the McElroy’s. The neighbor was a cousin of theirs. There was a lawsuit going on in regards to someone’s estate. I don’t know the details and never really cared to know. Somehow Tenley got involved with and was named in the lawsuit. Tenley talked about it a lot and hated their cousin for it. There are a couple stories involving him that she must have told me 100 times.  As she told them you could see the joy in her eyes. She would laugh uncontrollably when she thought about how much she could actually hurt him.

Alarm Clock Out The Window

The first and constant harassment was in the form of her alarm clock. She set her alarm clock to go off very early in the morning, something like 4:00 AM. At the time she wasn’t even staying there but the Surrogate Family were holding her apartment for after Dad passed away so she could move back in. The alarm would go off every morning set at full volume. She had it sitting an open window on the side of her apartment so that it was as close as possible to his room. Because she was not there it would go on and on until it timed out. My understanding is that was a very long time. He would leave messages on her answering machine asking that she please turn it off. Not knowing who she really was he didn’t understand what joy this gave her. It fueled her fire.

Playing with Dead Animals for Fun and Anguish

There was another story about how her dog killed their cat. She thought it was hilarious. Yes, she laughed hard as she told me this story every time. She found the dead cat on her porch. So she got a broom and worked the cat over onto their porch. Then she took the door mat and put it over the cat. So they would know that someone knew about it. This is a form of gas slighting, her favorite form. Just like when the Manson family would break into people’s homes and not steal anything. They would just move everything around to upset and confuse the residents.

Harass While They Are Grieving (repugnant)

The game that I found most disturbing that she played on these people was when she found out that his father had died. I don’t know his name and it’s not that important to the story other then she used his name to hurt. So I will call him Dead Father. When Tenley would get bored and needed someone to hurt she would step out onto her back porch, or just open a window and pretend that she was calling her cat. But the name she used was Dead Father. So this man would be sitting in his house minding his own business and would have to be subject to Tenley’s voice calling out the name of his dead father. Over and over, “Dead Father, here Dead Father,,, Come home Dead Father”.  She would do this over and over until she got some kind of reaction out of him. That is what she was going for after all.

Using her media friend to harrass

Tenley's Media Friend Harassing Neighbors.
Tenley’s Media Friend Harassing Neighbors.

There was one other story and I don’t remember the details of it but basically she turned him in for growing Marijuana. I don’t know if it was true because I only have Tenley’s word to go by. But basically Tenley has a friend in the media. She told me that she could call upon him to report stuff for her. She always has a “friend” somewhere that she can call upon, IRS, DEA, Prison, etc…  So she gets the neighbor in trouble and then calls her friend in the media to come interview her about the story. This way the neighbor would know exactly why he was busted.  This is the same friend that she told me she could get to come release a story about the “black water” incident at the Vue apartments.

Yes, if you look at the angles you can see that while this “interview” was going on Tenley was in the background taking pictures. The picture at the top of the page is taken from someone on the other side of the two in the image above. So, yes, I got this picture directly from Tenley while she was harassing them.

Harassment Cases

First it’s interesting to note that these two separate cases (BS104069 and BS104107) are being heard by the judge at the same time because he determined that the cases were of the same nature. So they both went down to the courthouse and filed cases against each other at or around the same time. Talk about a neighbor battle.

I will summarize all of these court documents below because they are not that easy to follow but you can read the actual transcripts here:

Aragon vs. Tenley Myers Case number BS104069 c/w BS104107. Aragon vs. Tenley Myers.

I would also like to point out at this time that both of these building are owned by Agnes McElroy and the “maintenance” is done by her sons Brian and Michael. They are family friends from grammar school and Tenley has been close with them her entire life.

Even with the cases heard at the same time by the same judge I will break them down separately. I will start where the judge did.

David Aragon vs. Tenley Myers Case BS104069

This case was heard on Tuesday August 1 2006 at 10:00 AM.

Mr. Aragon’s harassment complaint in this case was over spy cameras (yes multiple cameras, 7 to be exact) that Tenley placed all around his apartment facing his windows and doors. Mr. Aragon lived in a unit at 1172 West 30th Street and Tenley lives in one at 1178 West 30th street and they are 10 feet apart.

The buildings that Agnes McElroy owns where Tenley gets to run a muck and harassing people in rent controlled apartments so they will move.

In the above picture of the front of the buildings you can see the one Tenley lived in the bottom unit on the right and Mr. Aragon lived in the bottom right unit of the left hand building.

Note, Tenley moved around both of these buildings as needed for harassment. Example, when the Paz family children were young they had Tenley living above them in the top left unit of the left building. She most likely lived in all of them at one point or another. Like a playground. You can see the building on the left is the one that Tenley mounted all the cameras to.

  • The first camera identified is in a garage peeping through a hole in the wall and focused on his daughter’s bedroom. It was established that it in no way pointed at Tenley’s apartment and just his.
  • The second and third cameras were identified in a photograph and are pointing directly at Mr. Aragon’s back door and the other at the back of his house.
  • The fourth camera was identified as being attached to the left hand side of Mr. Aragon’s building.
  • The fifth and sixth cameras were identified as being mounted by Tenley and on the front of Mr. Aragon’s house and both pointing directly at his front door.
  • A seventh camera was identified as being a hidden camera mounted on the building Tenley lives in and pointed directly at Mr. Aragon’s home.

It is important to note that these cameras were mounted to his building and pointing at every angle of his apartment and that Tenley does not own either building. Not one camera was pointing at Tenley’s unit, which is where you would want it for your own security.

The backyard of both building with parking and the garage with the spy camera that Tenley placed facing the Aragon’s home.

When asked if Tenley told him she placed the cameras on the building Mr. Aragon states that she did. When asked if Tenley told him they were her cameras he states that she said they were.  When asked what the reason was she stated for putting up the cameras Mr. Aragon states that she said that “she was going to fuck with me”.

Tenley Myers Removing Mask
Tenley Myers

Is it just me or “to fuck with me” a pretty clear statement of harassment?

Next it was established that Tenley has an extensive relationship with the owners of the building. To the point of being related. Tenley even talked about that herself. About how much of a McElroy she is.

Next Mr. Aragon was asked if he knew who actually installed the cameras he states “My cousin Michael and My cousin Brian McElroy”.

He was then asked if the placement of these cameras caused him emotional distress. He answered:

“Yes, it caused me severe emotional distress personally and with my family. It makes me afraid to go outside. You know, I feel like I’m under surveillance 24 hours a day. You know, Every time I come home and, you know, every time I go outside, you know it sets Tenley up to run outside and confront – it sets her up to run outside and to confront me.”

When asked if he had a chance to follow the wires to see where they lead to he states “Yes they lead into Tenley Myers’ house”.

It is then established that Tenley has called the police on Mr. Aragon at least 10 times.

The first time she called the police was because he had is dog go to the bathroom in the backyard. And every time she called the police on him he allegations would escalate. It has gone from his dog going to the bathroom in the backyard to him threatening to attack her, constantly threatening to attack her, and eventually where it always leads with her and that is he is peeping into her window.

It is established that no charges have ever been filed against Mr. Aragon for any of the claims that she makes. This is because she is a liar and only says these things to hurt people.

Side note, ALL men that live next door to Tenley peep at her. Hell, all men that disappoint her are either peepers or want to rape her. Just ask her. According to her every man wants her and is inappropriate with her. It is truly a pattern with her.

Now here is where it gets interesting and a little telling as to the motivation behind the harassment. Mr. Aragon’s lawyer makes the point that Tenley’s lawyer is in fact Agnes McElroy’s lawyer. In fact it turns out to be the same lawyer that Agnes used to attempt to evict Mr. Aragon the year before. It is then established that the judge in that case ruled that the eviction was done in bad faith. Meaning, she just wants him out so she can up the rent on new tenants.

Tenley Myers vs. David Aragon Case BS104107

Does she work for Agnes McElroy or is she just a useful idiot?

Funny, in the above court transcripts she states that she pays $1200 a month rent. But in an email to me she states the following:

“ now i still work for same guy but it’s so flexible it’s cool  but, i couldnt live on it if i actually had to pay market rate rent (which its VERY reduced now because of the lawsuit and Brians familly felt bad)”
Tenley Myers – 6/5/2009

So right there you can see that Tenley was getting reduced rent from the McElroy’s because of the lawsuits that she was a large part of causing. Why would she be so embedder in their battles? Was she working? Or was Agnes just using Tenley because she knows her nature and all she has to do is move her around the apartments as needed. I am thinking she was just a useful idiot that Agnes has no need for anymore.