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The Costa Rica house may have increased in value but the deal is that there is a monthly fee like a condo association every month. That’s like $500 a month. Add that to the fact he has 2 different monthly cable tv and internet bils. He has one direct tv and then another regular cable tv plus internet. Then, add to that the lights and trash and water. All that so that some 27 year old gold digger has a place to surf the internet?


I went to an attorney there and was told that it is not like here. She cannot move in and become a “squatter” on us. I also found out that there is no “common law” type of thing where she can come back and say that they were together for 7 years (which they have been) and somehow put a claim on the house.


the thing she CAN do however, is drive the car over someone and kill them. Or, she can slip and fall down the stairs and sue. I get furious thinking she has a key to something which my name is on.


I am not even sure why he bouht that house. He didnt think! After knowing full well he falls all the time why would anyone get a house that you MUST walk stairs up and down when you are in your 70’s. That’s when most people get a one story.


Near as I can tell, the house is for you and I and our future. His way of leaving us his money. That creates a bit of a problem for me as I will be taking a damn oath with my CPA license. I am required by law to report all monies, assets, etc etc. or I go to prison. You can get away with “offshore” investments.


True, the house has appreciated and is worth $1.3 mil free and clear. also true, I cannot afford to pay the $1,000 a month it takes to maintain it.


Now that he has told me he cannot go alone, it is a DAMN house to me. hahahaha…..


Carrie McElroy has a full time maid/nanny in Costa Rica. She will be more than happy to get us the same thing or give us hers for like $200 a month (they are cheap) to take care of dad while he is there or just hang with him. The problem, he has already told me NO to this and thinks you and I can just go when he wants.


Since I have not actually done the google research on his condition because I really really really need to just take it day by day with him for my own sanity, I dont know if any of these things will matter any time soon.


Talk to you soon.



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