Emails From Tenley Myers August 2010

From: Tenley Myers
Date: August 10, 2010 9:33:05 AM PDT
To: Mom
Subject: FW: Latest Paperwork

(Me) wrote to my attorney saying that we should be working together through my mother.

Now, since I email you and you dont reply, can you and (Me) please explain how that is possible?

From: Tenley Myers Date: August 10, 2010 11:21:21 AM PDT

To: Mom

I was just informed that if (me) petitions the State of California for probate it will either resort to me being Executor (as my father’s intentions which are clearly documented in his 2008 will) OR, there will be a court appointed one. (this will come at a cost deducted from the $52,000 cash). (Me) will not be able to be appointed as he is not a California resident.

From: Tenley Myers
Date: August 10, 2010 11:34:06 AM PDT
To: Mom

Please remind (me) that HE dragged me to Court 1200 miles away. The judge said I could never contact him again and (Me) is the one who requested me to contact him through my mother.

Since I have sent over 20 emails regarding my father to my mother (I have saved them all) with NO reply from my mother it is obvious that (Me) and you are playing games with me.

If I contact him I get a harrasment case against me. When I contact you I get no reply.

We are here because of (Me)’s actions in taking me to court.

ADDITIONALLY, it causes me GREAT EMOTIONAL DISTRESS to contact a mother that does not wish to be contacted by me and does not love me.

Me will need to seek alternative communication means through a neutral 3rd party.

My attorney is not going to send me any future correspondence from (Me) because he has said he refuses to pay his bill. He also wont take (Me)s calls because (Me) specifically said he refused to pay his bill.

Further, I have moved and my home address is not available for you or (Me), so that is not an option.

No further correspondence from me regarding my father will follow

From: Tenley Myers
Date: August 10, 2010 11:42:31 AM PDT
To: Mom

right now (me) and I are NOT obligated by law to pay off all of my fathers creditors.

Opening a probate WILL require that to be done.

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