When The Mirror Breaks

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First Hospitalization

My father was hospitalized while alone at his house in Costa Rica. An interesting thing about this trip is that it could have been the last time he saw his sister alive. At this point she was hospitalized (I believe for emphysema but at the moment I honestly cannot be sure of that) and near death. He knew this. We talked about it later when the issue of her funeral came up. This was the day we moved him out of his condo in Long Beach. At this point there was no way he could get on an airplane and fly back to Michigan. His doctor would never allow that. But he put up a front that he was actually thinking about it. The same thing he was saying a few hours later about going to Costa Rica again. In reality I think he was too scared to face her. Down deep I think he had decided he was better off not facing her. But that’s another subject all together.

Anyways, back to the story. He was at home and realized there was something seriously wrong. His legs where swelling more than usual; that is saying a lot. He had been wearing special socks for years because of the swelling. At around 3:00 AM he decided he needed to go to the hospital. There is a hospital just a few miles from his home so he got in his car and drove over to the emergency room.

As soon as he got to the hospital the doctors knew they needed to admit him. At this point he made what seemed at the time I heard it a strange decision and decided to go home first. From what I heard and read there is no way he should have been driving but he got into his car and drove home for a few hours before heading back to the hospital to be admitted. He told me his reasoning was that he needed to finish the proposal he was working on for a large government contract.

When I think back on it now, and I consider the kinds of material he kept on his computer I suspect his real motivation for something like that was to “clean” his computer of anything incriminating. After all, if he died during this hospital stay someone would surely find what he had hidden. You do understand that if you die, your loved ones will find your stash of porn. It cannot stay hidden without you around to keep it hidden.

The saddest part of this trip was the fact that Jack’s sister was dying in Michigan and instead of going to see her he decided to go to Costa Rica instead. In the end he would never make it to see her. I find it very sad for her and her family considering he had the means to do it. I just don’t think he really wanted to.