When The Mirror Breaks

Tenley Myers (AKA); Tenley None Myers, Tenley Leroy, Tenley Meyers, Tenley Mcelroy, Tenley Elroy, Tenley M Myers, Tenley Hatzakis, Mrs. Antonio Smith, Sharon Needles, Paige Turner, RunHappy, jacqueline daniels)

Jack Myers Arrested For Child Pornography

Jack was served with a search warrant by ICE that subsequently led to his arrest as he re-entered the country from Costa Rica. This also lead to him not being allowed to own firearms and Tenley’s friend Michael McElroy ending up with all of them.

After this warrant was served Tenley went to the house and found that everything had been gone through. Tenley found this paperwork on his table. The house was riddled with bullets and all of his guns were gone. At the time Jack was in Costa Rica. She called and warned him about the search. He was arrested upon re-entry into the country from Costa Rica.

She found that they were distracted by his illegal firearms and had missed a laptop. She made that disappear. Later she would do the same with the one he had in Costa Rica. I imagine it had nothing on it because when he was first hospitalized in Costa Rica with congestive heart failure he went home for 2 hours before coming back to be admitted. What he did was clean his hard drive so nothing would be found if he didn’t make it. This was all told to me by Tenley.

She then went on to send me the following messages in email:

“(Drunky) does NOT know. And, will NEVER know. She is too public with her life. She would post it on the internet or something. She cannot keep a secret for the rest of our lives.”

In this quotes she is talking about Brian and Michael McElroy and a case against their mother Agnes McElroy, and yes, their story is way worse considering she was a teacher:

“The ONLY other people who know are my boss, the DEA agent I was dating at the time and Brian. That’s IT! I will tell you why Brian will NEVER tell a sole later on the phone. Let’s just say his family is in the VERY SAME SITUATION BUT WORSE. He knows the pain well. But, his Michael doesn’t know the details I will tell you of how I know. He only knows the court case as a result of the search warrant.
— Tenley Myers 2/27/2009

This one was sent as a threat after our father died. Really stupid of her to send it to me if you think about it.

“I have attached just the first 2 pages of the search warrant. If you fuck with my life I will fax the entire thing to your work AND have it delivered to your ex wife. You have no idea what is written in the next 100 pages. I DO.”
— Tenley

Below are the first two pages Jack Myers search warrant that Tenley sent me. Of course she never did send it to anyone I know because she had more reason to care about this information getting out then I do. Clearly!

Here is the case summary.

Jack Myers Crimina Case Summary

When I think about how Jack liked child porn, how he got busted because he purchased some online using his credit card. All I can think about is the pain the children went through for the production of this material. The innocent lives ruined for his pleasure. I get sickened thinking about how he could possibly justify it and go back for more. He may not be able to control himself. It may be a condition that we don’t fully understand yet. But the fact is lives were destroyed directly through his actions and I don’t believe he ever gave it a second thought. This is why I said what I said to him while he was dying in the end of the narcissist.

Tenley told me that she had been on his computer while he was gone and found a video. This was in 2003. When I asked what age the child was she said probably around 9. As we talked about it you could see she was visibly still upset about it. Some things that you see just stick with you that way and you wish they could be un-seen but they cannot.

After his arrest and Tenley got him out of jail he told her “Your brother can never know about this”. I have thought a lot about that. Did he know that if I found out that I would turn my back on him? Did he know that because I have children that I would see it differently than Tenley ever could? Did it force him to face the fact that I am 10 times the man he was?