This page contains links to useful sights when it comes to diagnosing and understanding these disorders. Because of the complexity of these conditions it is hard to diagnose exactly what you’re dealing with. Because of this be sure to check out all sections.

Borderline Personality Disorder:

The U.S. Naitonal Library of Medicine’s definition of Borderline Personality Disorder:



Narcissim 101 is a great starting point to diagnose and learn about narcissim:

The 20 Traits of Malignant Narcissism:

Winning Teams is another great source of information provided by David Thomas PhD
Be sure to check out his Definition of terms used on his website.

Socipath World is an excellent source for information on sociopaths. It also includes a forum for further discussion with others who are dealing with the same issues:

Prifile of a sociopath:

10 ways to identify a sociopath



Menal Health America has written some good information on Co-dependency here:
Mental Health and Substance Abuse:

Dual Diagnosis is a government run sight talking about diagnosis of a combination between mental disorder and drug/alcohol addiction:

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When the narcisist is no longer gazing into the mirror, what happens to the mirror? It breaks! Truth be told, it always was broken.