When The Mirror Breaks

Tenley Myers (AKA); Tenley None Myers, Tenley Leroy, Tenley Meyers, Tenley Mcelroy, Tenley Elroy, Tenley M Myers, Tenley Hatzakis, Mrs. Antonio Smith)

Marcella (Claws)

Dad’s Costa Rican Girlfriend. No that’s not her real name just Tenley’s pet name for her.

Jack, Claws and I were driving through San Jose Costa Rica. We were going to lunch at a restaurant they frequented. We were stopped at traffic light and this really dirty woman looking like she was in her late 20’s walked really closely by the car looking in. Claws said to Jack “You know you could have her right now”. I thought it was funny at first, the way she cracked a joke about this woman being a prostitute or something and just the way she said it. But then I looked at Jack and realized just how uncomfortable he was with the statement.  It was one of those feelings like he was really impacted by her statement and he went deep into thought about it. It seemed odd for him to react that way and I didn’t give it much more thought. But then later when I found out about his arrest it dawned on me that she had said something that struck a nerve. Like he had been with a woman like that in Costa Rica and the subject was just too close to talk about in my presence.