“My hope is to find out what I am before I am not.”
Jack E Myers (1935-2010)

First Father, I cannot express how grateful I am that I had the opportunity to help you see what you hoped for in your very last days. I would have regretted not being there for you to this day.

When I was very young you taught me that if I push hard enough I could push you past your control and reason. The wounds physically created dissipated quicker than in the psychological form.

I was so young I felt jealous you always tucked her in and not me. I questioned why she wept when it was she who was getting all your attention. I learned not to be jealous of what I cannot see.

As an adult your actions pushed me to others so I could find that being a father had nothing to do with biology. It is just about BEING a father.

In your final years you showed me you could actually love. You did this through your actions with the illegitimate one and the opportunist in a foreign ghetto. She was so young she made the mirror look tarnished. It was disturbing to us both. You were so happy.

When you passed you left behind the shattered mirror that showed me the most important lesson of all. No matter how much she took, the money and things are nowhere near as valuable as what she was willing to throw away to acquire them. I see clearly and embrace where value truly resides.

Without these hard lessons I wouldn’t be who I am today. Just know that it was the actions of others around me who gave contrast and let me see the lessons for what they were.

RIH Jack Myers

“If there is such a thing as god he, she, or it has an extremely perverse sense of humor.” – Jack Myers


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When the narcisist is no longer gazing into the mirror, what happens to the mirror? It breaks! Truth be told, it always was broken.