When The Mirror Breaks

Tenley Myers (AKA); Tenley None Myers, Tenley Leroy, Tenley Meyers, Tenley Mcelroy, Tenley Elroy, Tenley M Myers, Tenley Hatzakis, Mrs. Antonio Smith, Sharon Needles, Paige Turner, RunHappy, jacqueline daniels)


Tenley Myers

Tenley Myers


Selected Quotes from all involved but mostly Tenley Myers because hers are the most hurtful, damaging and incriminating. And frankly, the most entertaining.

“The ONLY other people who know are my boss, the DEA agent I was dating at the time and Brian. That’s IT! I will tell you why Brian will NEVER tell a sole later on the phone. Let’s just say his family is in the VERY SAME SITUATION BUT WORSE. He knows the pain well. But, his brother Michael doesn’t know the details I will tell you of how I know. He only knows the court case as a result of the search warrant.”
— Tenley Myers, 2/27/2009

(This is in regards to us talking about our father being arrested for child porn and having ownership of all of his guns transferred to her friend. In the end she did tell me and I have to agree, it is worse)


“Near as I can tell, the house is for you and I and our future. His way of leaving us his money.

That creates a bit of a problem for me as I will be taking a damn oath with my CPA license.

I am required by law to report all monies, assets, etc etc. or I go to prison.

You can get away with “offshore” investments.”

True, the house has appreciated and is worth $1.3 mil free and clear.

— Tenley Myers 2/12/2009


“right now Tor and I are NOT obligated by law to pay off all of my fathers creditors. Opening a probate WILL require that to be done.”
— Tenley Myers, August 10, 2010


“Im very curious about something. Did you actually walk out on Dad’s life without even a good bye the VERY SAME WAY that mom did and still expect you deserve half of his worth in court (the way she did)? I mean if someone is such a fucking monster why would you want anything financially from them? You think mom deserved half way back when she left and you do now when you left? HAHAHAHAHA……if you do you are more pathetic than I ever imagined or everyone who knows you here thinks”
— Tenley Myers, 2/28/2010


“My life is HELL. It is hard enough to deal with my fathers business and financial and medical affairs here. I AM ON THE VERGE OF A BREAKDOWN. I AM BARELY MAKING IT. I AM INCREDIBLY SAD AND CRY ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY.”

— Tenley Myers, 1/28/2010


“Incase you are wondering how I am I was suicidal from around thanksgiving until after new years. I spend my time trying to deal with that.”
— Tenley Myers, January 20, 2011


“There is no need for further contact with me. I will simply email all of you after he dies to let you know when I have settled probate to send you your $$$.”
— Tenley Myers, 12/8/2010


“If you do not give me this guy Bruce’s name I will call your work. Every day. A million times a day.”
— Tenley Myers, January 28, 2010


“do you want me to fax dad’s arrest warrent to your work? that can happen in a heartbeat if you EVER reply in a hostil manner again.”
— Tenley Myers, April 20, 2010


“even when he was in court behind the cage handcuffed to other guys he was mouthing and trying to tell me stuff. the judge wont let communication between people in the court room and prisoners”
— Tenley Myers, 3/15/2009


“I have known about this situation (which i wont specifically mention) for aprox 6 or more years maybe? I never ever wanted you to know unless you needed to. i have known since maybe 2002 or 2003. ”
— Tenley Myers, 2/27/2009


“just curious? can you go to jail for feeding your gardner 12 year old cervezas?…I keep sneaking this guy cerveza’s that are expired. it is pretty funny! i told dad i was doing it. he grumbled.”
— Tenley Myers, 5/13/2009


“jack thank you for everything you are veri special thanksss i dont need dady i have the best dady in the world i love u ”
— Illegitimate One, January 17th 2008


Tenley Myers

Tenley Myers