When The Mirror Breaks

Tenley Myers (AKA); Tenley None Myers, Tenley Leroy, Tenley Meyers, Tenley Mcelroy, Tenley Elroy, Tenley M Myers, Tenley Hatzakis, Mrs. Antonio Smith)

Tenley Harassing Neighbors

Tenley has a very long history of neighbor harassment. As kids, its was normal fun and games like stupid children do. But when everyone else grew out of it she never stopped. She actually doubled down. She lives for this evil.

Tenley Myers Harassing You with Her Camera.
Tenley Myers harassing you with her Camera.

If you get on her radar, and you really don’t want that unless you want some cocaine or empty diet coke cans she will always be lurking around to take your picture. She thinks its funny and cute, but really, how absolutely fucking cheapy is that?

In the case of David Aragon vs Tenley Myers you can see where she is asked about always taking pictures. Her answer to the judge was that she thought she saw someone famous. What is she 4 years old?

Always the Victim

If you look at her living situations from her point of view everywhere she goes and lives everyone around her is always interested in her, they have cameras facing her home, there is ALWAYS a peeping tom looking at her and any confrontation is because of everyone else. But there really is only one common denominator and that is Tenley Myers.

What you have to understand if she is harassing you is that the win for her comes from your anger. If she can just get you pissed off and ruin a little of your day she gets emotional energy from that. Some people do yoga, some run or jog, other meditate or just spend time with pets or people they love in order to recharge their batteries so to speak. Not for Tenley. What she needs is confrontation and anger. She takes the energy from your anger to get her going. In the same way rich people shoplift for the thrill she likes to see how far she can push you and the further you go the more she gets out of it.

Using Other People To Harass

Tenley loves to play games, she loves to piss people off, she loves to hurt people. But, she doesn’t like to get her hands dirty. In the video below you can see she gets her homeless druggy friend to attach her neighbor claiming something about him owing her money. She of course has to film the entire thing for some reason. I often wonder if she watches these things over and over to get her jollies and laugh. I am not kidding. Then after she tries to talk him into calling the police to file a report. It doesn’t appear like he was willing to do that. Sorry Tenley, not this time.

Is Tenley working or is she the useful idiot?

“I am sure that Tenley is suffering from emotional distress because at least seven different people have restraining orders against her in our apartment complex. She is also likely under distress because of criminal and civil cases currently pending.”

Source: Case number BS108726; Paz vs. Tenley Myers

Seven restraining orders? Really? Seven restraining orders against her just from her immediate neighbors? Let’s think about that for a minute. The property has a duplex and a four-plex. 6 units and she has 7 restraining orders against her? Keep in mind she resides in one of these units and this poor guy is just now getting around to getting one. So of the 6 units two didn’t have any at the time of this case. So, if I am defaming her character, how could that be if everyone she comes in contact with at her home has a restraining order against her?

What it sounds like to me is that her surrogate family Agnes McElroy owns rent controlled buildings and the only way to up the rent is to have the old tenants move out and new ones move in. These units are one block from sorority row at USC after all. Agnes could be making a premium on these units.

So what’s the best way to get the old tenants out? Move Tenley into the building and have her harass everyone until they decide to move. Looks obvious to me. What a bunch of dirt bags.  

So the real question and what would be the most telling is how the relationship ends. So, when all the people that Agnes wants out of these buildings are gone and she doesn’t need Tenley as her harasser anymore where does there relationship go? Tenley always said that the relationship was them was like “If your a McElroy your a Myers and if your a Myers your a McElroy.” Sorry Tenley, you may feel that way but that is just you. Not dad, not mom, and hell no not me. It is only her. So the question is, if she really does see Agnes as family and a surrogate mother then she should still be there. They should still see each other all the time. Or, does Tenley end up having to move on? Only time can tell but it looks like Tenley has moved on from these LA properties and over to the Carson Harbor Village in Carson California.

The Harassments Cases

Here I will try to summarize the cases that she had in court surrounding some of the incidents I have already stated and some.

First it’s interesting to note that these first two separate cases (BS104069 and BS104107) are being heard by the judge at the same time because he determined that the cases were of the same nature. So they both went down to the courthouse and filed cases against each other at or around the same time. Talk about a neighbor battle.

David Aragon vs. Tenley Myers Case BS104069

This case was heard on Tuesday August 1 2006 at 10:00 AM.

Tenley Myers vs. David Aragon Case BS104107

Tenley Myers vs. Paz

Slumlord Asperations

When Tenley and I were talking she told me how she wanted to be a slum lord. She actually said it that way. It is obvious to me now that she fully understands how to take advantage of people for her the most personal gain. Her and a couple members of her surrogate family even started a corporation just for that purpose. They came up with this Gem of a company name; BrianMichaelTenley LLC. Tenley is no doubt the voluntary eviction specialist. Yeah, good luck with that guys.

It looks as if the slumlord company never went anywhere. Maybe they had falling out or something and moved on once Tenley moved to Carson.