When The Mirror Breaks

Tenley Myers (AKA); Tenley None Myers, Tenley Leroy, Tenley Meyers, Tenley Mcelroy, Tenley Elroy, Tenley M Myers, Tenley Hatzakis, Mrs. Antonio Smith, Sharon Needles, Paige Turner, RunHappy, jacqueline daniels)


You can get background on this relationship in The Narcissist.

The below is sent to an email address that we know Marcela and Christopher share. Either one of them could read it. I believe Christopher was 9 at the time.

From: Tenley
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 1:34 PM
To: Marcela
Subject: the money Marcela and Christopher Morales Jiminez owe to Jack Myers

Dear Marcela and Christopher,

My father has not been able to work for 6 months. Right now Villa Real wants $400 in the next 5 days to pay for the fees for the house.

Since he paid for Marcela’s english lessons and Christophers school and Marcella said this money would be paid back I think now is the time to start paying.

Please take at least $200 to the office at Villa Real and give it to them. It will be very helpful if you could start PAYING BACK ALL THE MONEY YOU PROMISED TO JACK MYERS.

Thank you.


P.S. I have all the letters you said you would pay him back. I will take them to an attorney there and go to court to get the money returned if you do not start making good on YOUR WORDS

And you can see here that she is directly speaking to Christopher and not Marcela.

From: Tenley [mailto:stormyweathergirl@yahoo.com]
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 6:29 PM
To: Marcela
Subject: Jack Myers money

Hola Christopher,

Because my father Jack Myers used his money to pay your school this year he does not have enough money to pay the hospital that will teach him how to walk again. Please tell your mommy to send him some money from her job right away. He gave you money from his job when he work. Now is you and your mommy turn to repay the money

Thank You


From: Tenley
Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 6:34 PM
To: Marcela
Subject: Jack Myers money

Hola Marcela,

Because my father Jack Myers used alot of his money from his job to pay your bills he doesnt have enough money now that he needs to pay the hospital where they will teach him how to walk again.

My brother and I are both working very hard to pay all of the bills. But, there is still not enough money for the very expensive hospital.

He gave you money for hospital bills even when you were not in the hospital. I have knowledge from a local costa rica resident that you spend my fathers money on your other men.

You need to do the right thing and start paying him back for all the monies you took with your LIES and UNTRUE STORIES!

I had the police check into your story about the stolen refrigerator. That was not a true story. Shame on you Marcela. GOD IS WATCHING YOU!!!!!

Please pay my family back the money you and your son and your man STOLE!!!!!

Neighborhood Children

I received the following diary from one of the children that lived directly below Tenley. Seriously, Tenley is a monster just like her father was. Except, Tenley really enjoys it more. Pure evil.

She must feel very proud of herself to have treated children this way. To have affected their lives this much. Just shameful! I guess when dad asked her to be a nice person in his suicide letter she didn’t understand.




You know how every neighborhood had an old lady that kids think is a witch. Well, Tenley is that witch. First in LA and now it looks like in the Colony Cove mobile home park in Carson Ca. I look forward to meeting those neighbors also.

As can been read in Neighbor Harassment the court papers involved make it perfectly clear how she treats the children in the neighborhood.

Just from what Tenley told me directly I can tell you a few stories of how she treated the children in her building as well as many court cases with the people around her.

Maybe I should start with what I consider to be the worst and that is when she told me that she said in a really loud voice so the entire family could here it “My husband is a soldier in Iraq and he has guns he knows how to use to kill Mexicans”.  Later as I was putting together information for this book I did find a reference in a court proceeding with the Paz family where this was brought up, but it looked like it didn’t really matter to the court much.  I will elaborate on that in another area some time.

I asked her why should would say something like that to children.  Her answer implied that she didn’t really think of them as children but more like a plague that was coming across the boarder.  It was pretty mortifying actually to here that come out of her mouth.  It really got me thinking about how racist she really is.

Another incident with the Paz family that I could see both sides of the story was when she took all the children s bicycles and threw them in or near the trash. Again, the court transcripts can clear the details up but the point is that while she was telling me how she was throwing the kids bikes “in the trash because they were in her way” she was laughing hysterically. Like a true sociopath you could see her energy level rise as she relived the moment through telling me the story. She was rally bragging.