When The Mirror Breaks

Tenley Myers (AKA); Tenley None Myers, Tenley Leroy, Tenley Meyers, Tenley Mcelroy, Tenley Elroy, Tenley M Myers, Tenley Hatzakis, Mrs. Antonio Smith)

Tenley Myers Stealing an Inheritance

As you read this keep in mind Tenley has the degree to be a CPA. She loves to play dumb and cry to distract from what she is doing. The below quote couldn’t show this any clearer:

“Near as I can tell, the house is for you and I and our future. His way of leaving us his money.

That creates a bit of a problem for me as I will be taking a damn oath with my CPA license.

I am required by law to report all monies, assets, etc etc. or I go to prison. You can get away with “offshore” investments.”

True, the house has appreciated and is worth $1.3 mil free and clear.

— Tenley Myers 2/12/2009

She never got the hours in working under a CPA to actually become one nor would she sign the “oath” she speaks of, but she does have the education and understands how to use it to her benefit. Her next aspirations were a law degree, she does love the law, she uses it as you can see in the harassment section of this book. So there really is no excuse, she cannot play dumb.

A fine example of how she sees the world as only money, to her and Jack everything was about money, it is how you judge your success to them, and basically the only way to judge it:

“In the last email I forgot to tell you that the FACT I got both of my higher education degrees in the State of California while Arnold was governator makes my diplomas worth something as well, just because he signed it.”

-Tenley Myers March 4 2010


What I find funny about that is that his signature really doesn’t mean much, like the lamp, she has to put way too much emphasis on value and how important, she and her stuff is compared to anyone else.

But I digress, some time in the middle of 2009 Tenley took complete control of Jack’s finances. She mainly wanted to cut off the flow of money to Claws. With Jack in the hospital it became easier for her.

In November of 2009 Jack was doing much better and using his computer again. He was also doing work for Metadata at this time, so he was very much able to take care of his own business. So he wanted to access his bank account; after all, it was his money. But by this point Tenley had already changed all of his passwords and contact information on his bank accounts. When he tried to sign onto his account and could’nt get in he tried to change the password. He was unable to because she had changed his email address on the account to her email address so she would know when he tried. When he did it sent a message. She forwarded it on to me with her little comment.

“ummm…..sorrry dad….i’m on to you….hahaha”
— On Mon, 11/23/09, Bank of America Alert <onlinebanking@ealerts.bankofamerica.com> wrote:
From: Bank of America Alert <onlinebanking@ealerts.bankofamerica.com>
Subject: Bank of America Alert: Online Banking Passcode Reset
To: TenleysEmailAddress
Date: Monday, November 23, 2009, 10:44 AM



January 2010

Even before Jack passed away she had taken control of all assets and stated that she would be taking care of the probate and distributing the money:

“There is no need for further contact with me. I will simply email all of you after he dies to let you know when I have settled probate to send you your $$$.”
— Tenley 1/25/2010 (source)

To this day, still no probate and no money other than a small life insurance policy where I was named as a beneficiary so she couldn’t get her dirty little hands on it. It pissed her off so much that I could actually get my hands on some of the money, but more on that later.



February 2010

The morning Jack died (2/22/2010 at 4:40 AM) Tenley was at home; this because by this time he had turned his back on her for her betrayal of his trust and telling me about his child porn issues and arrest. Once she was notified she came to the hospital and crawled into bed with his lifeless corps. She spent an hour in bed with him crying. I talked to the nurses on staff that morning and that is how they explained it to me. They said that they “had seen this once before”, another narcissist/sociopath relationship no doubt.

After saying her goodbyes Tenley went directly to the bank and wrote herself a check out of his account for $5000:

You can see on the back of the check that it was cashed and processed that day. She walked out of the bank with cash no doubt.
Oh, but this was not enough. The following day she wrote herself another check for $1500:

And was processed in the same manner as the previous check. After all, she had to get the money out of his account before she notified anyone of his death. Because the Power of Attorney she was using to sign his name was void the moment he died at 4:40 AM on 2/22/2010 I am sure this could be considered writing bad checks.

She tried to explain it away in an email to the lawyer in Costa Rica that was handling the estate down there saying that we had agreed upon the money to cover his funeral. WHAT?!? We never agreed to anything like that. We were not agreeing on anything.

Here she shows that she believes she is in control and the law doesn’t matter. At this point she truly believes that it is all hers.

“Actually, if you get anything it will be because I feel sorry for you and decide to kick you back some the way I sent you that $6,000 before because your clinically obese wife said there was no money for food.”
Tenley Myers– 2/28/2010

You just have to love the way she uses the term kickback of $6000. Spoken like a true con artist. Isn’t a kickback a small commission for doing something? The money she talks about was used for me to fly down and help her with dad, to pay for the unpaid leave I was taking at work. But kickback, hmm, interesting term.




When Jack died Tenley claims that on his deathbed he made a tape recording of his intentions to write me out of his will.

“He told me (I have it on tape recording….you will hear it in court) that he wanted to change his will to EXCLUDE you because of your text.”
– Tenley Myers 5/1/2010

Ok, first, what kind of sick person would stick a microphone in their dying fathers face to have him record something like that? Especially considering this would be after she stated:

“It is VERY VERY hard to live with someone who is not based in reality”
– Tenley Myers 1/9/2010

And if this really were the case, where is it? What other reason than fraud could Tenley have of not supplying any documentation about the estate? She has still never given and inventory of the estate.



Below is an email that really shows the mirror in action. The problem lies in the fact the mirror is reflecting back onto herself now that the Narcissist is gone. I believe it was even before Jack died that she started to believe that everything was hers. But once he died she appeared to move into full Jack transition.

From: Tenley Myers
Sent: Sunday, February 28, 2010 5:39 PM
To: Me
Im very curious about something.
Did you actually walk out on Dad’s life without even a good bye the VERY SAME WAY that mom did and still expect you deserve half of his worth in court (the way she did)?
I mean if someone is such a fucking monster why would you want anything financially from them?
You think mom deserved half way back when she left and you do now when you left?
HAHAHAHAHA……if you do you are more pathetic than I ever imagined or everyone who knows you here thinks


To further demonstrate this opinion below is a voicemail she left on mom’s phone a few years ago. The audio is not the best quality because it was taken off an answering machine so I have provided the text as well. This was recorded shortly after I kicked her out of my house around 1998. This is the same message as earlier.


“I just thought I would let you know in case you or Tor or whoever else is wondering what I am doing with my life, uh.
I’m following in your footsteps. For work I just fuck guys, as many as possible and I just do it for money or drugs or whatever.
And um, its more profitable then going to work. It’s more easy actually it’s uh, a lot quicker.
And um, In case you’re wondering where I learned that from my mother because that is what she did with my father for years and years and years and years. She just fucked him for money.


So what she is saying is that my mother was not entitled to her divorce settlement from Jack for their marriage of 20 years. She even goes so far as to call my mom a whore. An important thing to point out is that when mom left dad she turned down alimony for life that was offered to her by the judge. She did this because she knew it would be a major task to get him to pay it and she really wanted nothing to do with him. Is that really something someone would do if they were a whore, just fucking him for money for 20 years? The sociopath is totally incapable of understanding normal relationships. That is obvious.
She even mentions “court” showing that yes, the divorce settlement was worked out in the legal system. But Tenley is above the law and in fact everyone in her mind. She is also saying that I don’t disserve any of my inheritance because of how I felt about my father. Well, the fact is that doesn’t matter. What matters is what Jack wanted and cared enough to put in his will.

Let’s actually analyze this a bit further. My entire adult life I never needed my father’s help. I left when I was young and had a relationship with him that didn’t require me to ever need anything from him. All I ever really wanted was a normal relationship with my father. That is until I found out just the level of his issues with child porn and pedophilia. It all kind of change for me at that point. But, does that change his intentions? Nope, I have his will to show that.

Now let’s look at how Tenley’s relationship was with Jack. She lived with him or off of him for most of his life. She had moved out and acted very independent back in high school. This was when she knew she hated him and wrote with such anger on his court memo. But that was short lived when her relationship with her trust baby boyfriend was over. She was immediately back home. She lived there until she was in her 30’s and things really started falling apart. Then she moved to my house for a while and after I kicked her out she landed in Oregon. While in Oregon she was working both my mom and dad for money. When mom found out and cut her off for whatever reason it was she went back to daddy.

So, I guess when you have been living off the same money source you would start to think it was yours. I mean really, she was saying mom didn’t disserve her half of her divorce settlement and that I don’t disserve my half of his estate (which his will states) because we didn’t love him unconditionally like she did. But, I think what she really should have said was that we don’t disserve it because we didn’t mooch off him our entire lives.

House\Corporation in Costa Rica

Villa Real Stunning Traditional Home (Furnished & Car) Villa Real Stunning Traditional home includes all furnishings (down to silverware and linens, appliances, full bar and more) plus a Toyota Prado Land Cruiser. This stunning home has 4 Bedrooms, 2 full suites, an office/bedroom with full bath, Maid’s Quarters Incredible woodwork throughout the house including solid wood wall paneling, upstairs floors and ceiling finishes must be seen. Large living spaces include, Living room, Formal and informal dining areas, Family/TV Room, 4 full baths plus maid’s quarters,internal alarm system. Covered Terraces on both levels and a three car garage. 5573 SqFt/518M2 of Construction on 1256M2 Lot. All in the most prestigious and secure neighborhood in Costa Rica. The community’s amenities include an Olympic swimming pool a second pool, two tennis courts, a full basketball court, soccer field and clubhouse and the highest level of 24 hour security Price $1,275,000 Furnished with Toyota Landcruser Prado

You see, by selling it furnished Tenley was able to group all the assets in Costa Rica under the corporation and not be held accountable for any items in the estate. And because she “owns the corporation” (yes, absolute sarcasm) she in essence owns all of the items within the house.

The house sold around the New Year in 2011. I am not sure of the exact amount but that information is still rolling in. I was able to find that the new owner took out a loan for around $750,000 to purchase the house so I assume it sold for around 1 million. To date I have not seen one penny from the house in Costa Rica nor have I seen any paperwork showing she executed the will or to substantiate that she was indeed the sole owner of the corporation over the house. Whenever I have requested backup documentation like an estate accounting I get no response. This from someone who has the education to be a CPA. I guess the whole “being able to get along with others long enough to put in the time” thing is just too much for her. If I am not mistaken that is a strong trait of someone with Antisocial Personality Disorder or Sociopath.

To date Tenley has kept all the proceeds from the house when it sold. It’s amazing to think of where she lives, the conditions she lives in and she has all that money. I wonder if she couldn’t get it back in the country, or is she sitting on it because she is too scared to act any further until some time limit runs out. Hmmmm, hadn’t thought of that (again, sarcasm). No, truth really lays in the fact that because of her condition she cannot get along with anyone for very long. The only time she can be comfortable is with extreme personalities. So, ghetto she is.

Now I need to point out that my father died on 2/22/2010 at 4:40 AM. But on 4/28/2010 more then two months after his death and even in her words about how much work she has done and is doing, she sent me the following email:

From: Tenley Myers
Sent: Wednesday, April 28, 2010 6:01 PM
To: Mom; Tenley Second Email Address; My Wife; Me; Me at Work
Cc: Tenley Myers Third Email Address
I have to have your input to save me hours and hours of time.
I am not getting reimbursed for time spent on U.S. issues but I am most definately getting reimbursed on Costa Rica. They are at rates for my skill level, meaning with my advanced degrees and license status along with my hourly rate plus commission at work, if you force me to spend extra weeks on this type of thing it could prove costly to both of us.
I would like you to reply to me and let me know what your preliminary feel is for what you would like to do with the Costa Rica property.
PRIOR to my arrival in that country, I must fax copies of our meeting minutes of our company. I must document this and spend much time along with the added stress of you NEVER replying to any of my emails. (which I am having my U.S. attorney draft up something to you about…more on that later)
Anyway, please tell me so that I dont spend hours and hours drafting up every fucking possibility of votes the two of us could have on this subject. It will make my job and life a lot easier.
While I know you dont give a flying fuck about me or my life, I know that you and mom and “My Wife” know that I can be quite evil when I am backed into a corner and kicked like a dog. Please dont take me there.
Additionally, it is in YOUR best interest this goes, quickly and smoothly without me falling apart. You must have realized by now that for you to ever see one damn dime from Costa Rica YOU NEED ME.
Therefore, please tell me your feelings on selling or keeping and renting and a brief description of why you are leaning that way.
Tenley Myers

Here are other emails with her threats and talking about how “we” own the property, which she eventually claims was hers all along:

Email_From_Tenley Myers_May_4_2010_8-47-48_AM_PDT

Okay, I am just going to have to say it, what a dipshit. I mean seriously think about what you just read. Over two months after she had started working on the estate for “Us” she is still talking about how we both owned the corporation. That is incriminating enough as it is considering she disappeared and stopped all contact after selling the house. It actually blows me away. Did you notice how her anger came up as soon as she talked about doing something for someone other then herself, me?

But on top of that she went on to threaten me and my family , warn me that she holds all the cards with my portion of the inheritance and that I will see none of it without her. Sounds like blackmail to me.

But first she had to explain how incredibly brilliant she is with her advanced degrees and license status. Wait, “license status”? I do believe you can get in pretty big trouble claiming to be a CPA when you are not.

Um, is it time to scroll back to the top of the page and re-read the ten general symptoms of a sociopath? This email is a perfect example as far as I can tell.

I am not sure what I did to kick her lick a dog. Maybe that really is how she feels when she is forced to take responsibility with or for others. I think the Mayo Clinic was right when they said “And people with antisocial personality disorder may not be able to fulfill responsibilities to family, work or school.”.

Remember, she claims his estate was worth less than 100,000 so she wouldn’t have to probate the estate and she could just disappear with everything.

Again, here is another email from her talking about how we both own the corporation a full two months after his death:

“I am having to draw up minutes for the corporation. Since you and I are the only shareholders I am trying to draft something that you can sign and have notorized and sent to me regarding this transaction.”
Tenley Myers- 4/29/2010

Another interesting quote, here Tenley is talking about how the house in Costa Rica was first setup for tax evation purposes:

“try to read the emails between the old attorney and dad, the one where he fired us i gave you all of my ORIGINAL incorporation papers and his name is on there. but, he fired dad before buying the house and states the reason is tax evasion”



In the end that is exactly what Tenley did. She followed through on his plan.

Now here is another very interesting piece of information. Tenley got it in her head that I stated I didn’t want anything from our father’s estate. She retained a lawyer in the US, not to represent us in the probate process but to represent her in the process. She had him send me a Disclaimer of Distribution:

Disclaimer of Distribution

Wait; what!? Did I read that correctly? Three months after our fathers death did she actually send me legal documents stating I would give up all rights to “All assets, including investment property, real property, and personal property, owned by the Decedent and located in the Country of Costa Rica at the time of the Decedent’s death.”?

Why exactly would someone who at a later date shows up to a lawyer in Costa Rica with all the corporate papers for the house signed into her name by someone who died three months prior to this legal document ask that I sign away rights to something that my father “didn’t own”. This deserves some serious consideration. It would appear to me that at the point she had these documents drawn up she knew he still owned the corporation and that in fact we both did as she also stated after his death. But at some later date she figured out how to steel it and that is what she ended up doing; while forgetting about the documents she had already sent me. After all, if she really did own everything in Costa Rica on that date why would she have argued for so long that I pay half her expenses? Why would she for so long act as if we both still owned half each? I guess doing that much cocaine in your life might actually cloud your judgment. Speaking of judgment, I think she may have some explaining to do to a judge in the future. It will be interesting to write about how that goes.

Another thing to note in this document is the existence of “Megadyne Information Systems, Incorporated”. It is believed that my father owned shares in this company. Tenley was close with the other owners and even sent me an email about their meeting, along with other information about them. But after this document when she sent the small estate affidavits, for some reason this company disappeared. I have to wonder if that’s because she found out that its worth money and she can just ignore it until she can claim it at a later date? I have attempted to contact them through their web site, but get no response.

To Probate or not to Probate?

I have requested documentation about the estate for well over a year and nothing. Tenley refuses to do an Estate Accounting yet claims the estate is well under 100K in value so she doesn’t have to do a probate. The reason she doesn’t want to do a probate is because she will fall under the scrutiny of the courts. She will have to come clean on all of Jack’s assets. In all of our conversations about settling the estate she was always concerned with creditors coming after it all and that we wouldn’t get any. But in the end I fell into the same bucket as the creditors and she has kept everything from me that she could.

I was able to get my hands on a couple of assets because they had us named as beneficiary and didn’t require going through probate. This being his IRA and savings accounts with Smith Barney.

Now, when placing a value on his estate I found it interesting that Tenley viewed it as two estates, one in Costa Rica and one in the US. I believe she saw it this way because he had a will in each country. But just because you have to wills doesn’t mean you have two estates, Jack was after all one ma… person. During the process it would appear that she figured this out and that is when she forged his name on the corporate papers in Costa Rica and took the house. I have spoken with the Lawyer who handled this and it is easily proven.




Jack really liked his cars. When he passed away he owned two cars. One in Costa Rica and one in the US. In the US he owned a high end Jaguar. He always bragged about how it was basically a race car. It had high horsepower and he bragged about the Brembo brakes every time we talked about the car. After buying the car he had constant problems with the rims. They kept braking on him. He always talked about how he had to get custom wheels made that cost him thousands of dollars. Tenley obsessed on this and thought the tire shop was ripping him off. While we were down there she and I went to the shop because of a flat that we had to get replaced. After the guy working there explained it we saw no problem with it.

Jack loved this car; it was his pride and joy. If you knew him you would understand how he took care of it. How meticulous he was about keeping it perfect. Once he was hospitalized Tenley decided that she needed to use his car instead of hers. Hers being the Lexus SC400 that he gave her.

Knowing how much he would have hated the idea of her taking her dog in his car she made a game of it. When I was down there visiting him in the hospital she was only driving his car and she would take her dog everyone in it. On many occasions she would take her dog to the dog park and let him get covered in mud. Then she would drive around with the dog in the car. The mud mixed with his long hair, he is a husky after all, would cover the entire inside of the car. She even did this while we visited him at the hospital. If he knew the state of his car at the time he would have been pissed! Down deep she really hated him so much that she would always do whatever he hated, either with him knowing of without she took great pleasure in it. She did the same to her friends Toyota truck during this same period while the Jaguar was in the shop.

Anyways, when dad died she took the car and stated “you know he would have wanted me to have it”. Sorry Tenley, but his will states what he wants, not you.

The car Jack had in Costa Rica was a Toyota Prado Land Cruiser. When he died Tenley listed it as coming with the house in the sale.