When The Mirror Breaks

Tenley Myers (AKA); Tenley None Myers, Tenley Leroy, Tenley Meyers, Tenley Mcelroy, Tenley Elroy, Tenley M Myers, Tenley Hatzakis, Mrs. Antonio Smith, Sharon Needles, Paige Turner, RunHappy, jacqueline daniels)

Who is Tenley Myers?

What kind of person goes out of her way to annoy and distress her father for her entire life because of her hatred for him, but then convince herself that it was because she loved him? That would be Tenley Myers

What kind of person gets in a fight with her mother and then convinces her she is dying of aids just to get her to call her back? That would be Tenley Myers

What kind of person steels her brother, 2 nephews and her niece’s inheritance and college money that her father wanted for them and is able to justify it and even blame them for it? That would be Tenley Myers

What kind of person threatens the lives of an entire family, including small children in front of them, just because they are unlucky enough to be her neighbor? That would be Tenley Myers

What kind of person ends up with 7 restraining orders in her apartment building made up of 6 units? That would be Tenley Myers


Tenley in her Grammar School days.  She looks incent, but she was mean.
Little Tenley Myers

Once Tenley figured out that she was fathers golden nugget she developed games to satisfy her need to hurt, control and satisfy her need for conflict every day. Because it was never a good idea to be around my father, he had an affliction for children’s noise, he called it horseplay. I am not even sure what that means but it was something he constantly said “stop that horseplay in there”, “go to your room and don’t let me hear any horseplay”. Because of this I spent a lot of time in my room playing by myself with my toys. But even there I was not safe from her games. I would be in my room playing and Tenley would come barging in. She would walk, stomp, crush, etc… Whatever it was I was playing with. Of course this would piss me off so much I would start yelling at her and at a young and start crying.

Tenley in Jr. High looking a little hippy.
Hippy Tenley Myers

Of course as always dad would have the same reaction. Because I was the one making noise and his little golden nugget was standing their pointing saying that “we were playing together and he ruined what we were doing” dad would take it out on me. This went on my entire childhood and would prove to be her favorite game.

Don’t get me wrong, I do understand children, the sibling thing. I have two boys that are close in age as well. I see the games, manipulation, jealousy, etc… This was different. It was just downright mean. If we were playing together that would be one thing. But seriously, she would just come running in and cause the chaos that would always result in my being punished.

Tenley Myers with her little rat looking silky terrier and fresh out of the shower.
Tenley Myers with her little rat dog.

Even when I had no involvement whatsoever she would find a way to bring me into it. I could be upstairs in my room minding my own business. Tenley would do something to get in trouble on her own. So, I would here mom and dad coming down on her. She would pour on the charm with dad and make up stuff that was way worse then what she had done and claimed that I did them. Dad of course would buy into it every time and turn his attentions on me. Imagine minding your own business and overhearing the conversation. Then all of a sudden your summand downstairs in order to defend yourself against claims that re just untrue. Over time it just becomes less exhausting to just accept it and not even try to fight it because in reality once dad was done yelling about it I would just be sent back to my room to play by myself again, exactly where I was before the confrontation. And in the end Tenley would get what she wanted because her diversions would always work. After all, she was the mirror and dad didn’t want to believe that it could have been her/him to begin with. That sounds like very strange logic I know. But that is the reality of how narcissists and sociopaths work, it is not logical in any way.

Tenley got really mad when high school came around. She was always mad.
Tenley always looks happy in school pictures.

There are many stories like this from our childhood. This was Tenley’s favorite game with me. Do something to get me pissed off enough to yell or do something stupid and I get in trouble with dad while Tenley has her fun game and looks like the victim. Oh she loves to be play the victim card. To this day she is always the victim wherever she lives.

Tenley and Drunky Gang Up

Drunky playing her games

Drunky is our cousin. She is exactly in between Tenley and I in age and grew up in Michigan. Whenever we were all together she used to love playing us against each other. She would go back and forth as if one of us was her best friend and the other sucked. In this picture you see our mom, uncle and Tenley standing behind Drunky and I. As you can clearly see in the picture Drunky is having a great old time while everyone else is looking tired of the games. This is how it always went. So at this moment it was Tenley who was ousted.

Another similar story that happened when we were visiting my cousin Drunky and her family in Michigan demonstrates how Jack would side with Tenley by default. Like most houses in the Midwest which I was unused to growing up in LA was they had a huge basement. It had the standard extra refrigerator, ping pong table, TV with old ripped up couch, etc… There was a staircase going up the side of one wall to the main floor that didn’t have a railing. After we had been there for a few days I was used to just going down and playing by myself while all the adults were upstairs talking and Tenley and Drunky were off doing whatever they were doing. The two of them got along very well.

Tenley and Drunky woop it up in Costa Rica with Tenley's DEA boyfriend.
Drunky and Tenley whooping it up in Costa Rica at the Yah America party.

I was walking up the stairs and Tenley came around the corner and stopped me. Drunky then came around and went below me on the stairs. The two of them grabbed me as I was trying to get passed and the wrestling match was on. I couldn’t figure out why they were doing it but looking back I am pretty sure it was just boredom. Eventually they overpowered me and threw me off the side of the stairs. Because the basement was just a concrete slab with carpet and no padding it hurt. It hurt badly. So of course I started crying. At that point Tenley and Drunky ran upstairs and told our parents that I was messing around on the stairs and fell off. They even went so far as to tell them that they had been warning me to be careful before it happened.

At this point because I again had interrupted my father at commanding the room he got pissed. He came down and showed no concern about how I was. To him it was never about that. He went on to yell at me for being stupid and interrupting everyone. This was nothing new to me by this point.

Moving Tenley into my home

All of the discussion boards I have read about sociopaths have one common theme when it comes to moving a sociopathic relative into your house. DON’T DO IT!  I really wish I had read that before I went ahead and did it.

Tenley Myers Removing Mask

I got a call from my mom explaining that Tenley was in trouble. I didn’t know the exact nature of that trouble but I could only assume it was drugs. I called Tenley and she explained that she really needed to get out of LA for a while. I offered to move her into my house. So I loaded up a friend of mine into my Chevy Suburban and we drove to LA. When we got there we loaded up the truck and headed out. In my car were me and her dog Bowie.  My friend and she were in her car following. But first we had to stop by her friend’s house to pick up a bag of cocaine. I didn’t actually know that was the reason for stopping at his house at the time but found out later.

Half way up the Grapevine leaving LA I was tired, I had just driven straight down from the bay area and I needed some rest. I was actually to the point of dozing off while driving. So we pulled over and got a room at a little motel. I was dead tired. I just remember falling asleep to the two of them doing cocaine.
I would find out later because Tenley confided in my wife that in that motel room she and my friend had sex that night. Go figure. The way Tenley explained it she basically was raped by him but she stayed quiet for my sake. Wait; let’s get this straight, Tenley Myers did something for the sake of me, her brother?  The fact is she always says she is doing things for other people. She is always putting herself out for others. If you ask her she well go on and on about how selfless she is.  But really,  I am too believe she allowed a friend of mine to rape her in a bed next to me just to spare my feelings? Even if that were true there is a serious mental illness going on. A little mellow dramatic don’t you think?

Years later after she had told this story I talked to my friend about it. He explained to me how the entire time she was living at my house, turned out to be only 3 weeks but it felt like years, the two of them were sleeping together. She had told him that I should never know and that he needed to keep it a secret. At the time I was pretty sure they were, but it really didn’t matter to me. As if it was the first time she was sleeping with people I know. Hahaha, Why lie when you don’t need to? That is an entirely other subject I will get to later.

So after our night of “rest” we drove the 6 hours to my house in the bay area and moved her in. This will turn out to be the biggest mistake I had ever made with her. She spent the next few weeks doing nothing but causing problems between my friends while trying to acquire drugs, putting my X wife through hell and constantly doing things just to cause pain.

For example: I was going to make a run to the store for some beer and snacks. Tenley’s car was parked behind mine so I asked if she would move it so I could get mine out. She said, “Oh, just take mine”. I asked if she needed anything form the store and she said no. So I took her car and went off to the store.

Tenley Myers

Upon my arrival back home I walked into the kitchen to find Tenley standing there looking a little drunk.  Next to her on the counter was an empty bottle of wine. It was an expensive bottle that a friend had given me for Christmas.  One I had been saving. There was about 1/16 of a glass left in it. I asked her why she had drunken it and she said “because I wanted something to drink but you had my car so I couldn’t go to the store”.  REALLY?! So after asking her to move her car so I could take mine and asking her if she needed anything from the store and her saying no, she went ahead and drank a bottle of wine that she knew I was saving.
It wasn’t really the fact that she drank the wine that pissed me off so much, and believe me, it pissed me off! But it was the little shit eating (or wine drinking) grin she had on her face. She got no joy out of drinking it, I am sure it really just masked the pain of being Tenley like all the other drinking and drugs; her joy in this case came from hurting me.  I truly believe that hurting other people is more than just a means to an end at times. It really is a drug for them.  I source of enjoyment for them. 

There was another night were she had been hanging out at my friend’s house. There were a lot of people who hung out there and most of them could find drugs of some sort or another. So she takes off with one of them to find something. A few hours later she shows up and starts talking about how she had to jump out of his car and run because he was trying to rape her. This was at a stop light mind you. There were cops involved but I never really got the full or true story on it. I just chalked it up as another guy trying to rape my sister. She must be some kind of rape magnet or something.  Or maybe, just maybe, she is simply full of shit.

Spring Break for Tenley

At what age does it become creepy to go to spring break?

Tenley, what the hell kind of hair is that?

When your 30 something years old, living in your brother’s house because you’re hiding from drug dealers and you find yourself stealing your brother s luggage so you can go to spring break, I think there might be problem with priorities. I am thinking if I went to spring break at that age I would feel like the creepy old dude that never figured out how to stop partying. I guess that was never an issue for her because that is exactly what she did. At the time I was traveling full time for work only being home on the weekends. If I was in town I was in the office all day. When I came home from work on Friday afternoon and found that Tenley had taken the luggage that I needed to use that week I was pissed. That was the last straw. I decided when I got back from that trip I was moving her out of my house for good and never speaking with her again. The question is, how do you move someone out when they are not there?  What I did was rent a storage space big enough for all of her stuff for one month, bought a combination lock, and sent her the address and combination where she could pick her shit up.

The Empire State Building Lamp

Tenley Myers Empire State Building Lamp.

Oh the lamp. What a childish thing. Not even considering the childishness of her position but mine. The lamp was a stupid way to make up for things the Tenley had done to me. It was nothing but a jab at her. Nothing but knowing that it would hurt her and that is what I was going for. In the end I know that it worked. Now more than a decade later it is one of the only things she has to use as a deflection of the truth against her that she can justify in her mind against me. In her mind it brings my actions down to the level of hers. For me it was nothing more than a little dig against her for all the pain that she dealt out to me, my family, and the friends I had at the time. If what she was going for was having a lasting impression on the people involved in that space at that time, she accomplished her goal.

Tenley Myers Empire State Building Lamp Tag.

The lamp was a plastic replica of the Empire State Building. It was a black light. Tenley’s claim was that it was used on the set of the movie King Kong. She said it was given to her from someone who worked on the set during production. I never did get any clarification as to whether her claim was the 1933 or 1976 version of the movie. It couldn’t have been the 2005 version because this story occurred long before that. Now I find it hard to believe that it was either of these because I have seen both movies and don’t remember the building looking like this:

Furthermore with a little bit of research you can find that it was created in the 80’s in Japan and that yes, a copy of this lamp was used in the movies “Big” and “Coming to America”. It was designed By Takahashi Densen in Japan in 1986 as a TV and movie prop.

Another Tenley Myers Empire State Building Lamp.

So the history of this lamp really does remain a mystery. Knowing people how I do, knowing the nature of people who have lived the lifestyle that Tenley has lead I have to believe the lamp was just a payment for either drugs or sex. That a story was made up, no doubt the person worked at a studio, this is not uncommon in that area. But did it appear in King Kong? I really doubt it but I don’t know and in the end I really don’t care. It served its purpose as mental payment for my reaching out to my sister, even knowing how it could turn out, and having her walk all over my life and my closest friend’s lives.

Sadly Tenley’s lamp met its fate one sunny afternoon at the land fill in Contra Costa County. As it flew through the air propelled by all the energy I could muster I wondered what would break, would it shatter? When it hit the base of that concrete hole next to all the other crap I was throwing out that day. It was different to me. It signified the end of a horrible relationship. It felt good. In the end it cracked down one side and the metal plate came off the bottom spilling its innards like a disembowelment. It was fitting and in a sad way, very gratifying.

I could have sold the lamp and from what I can tell I could have gotten hundreds of dollars for it. It really is unique and different. It is no “one of a kind” like she stated to me back then, but it is unique. If I had chosen to sell the lamp it wouldn’t have given me the great satisfaction that it did in the end. Because in the end, life is not about money, at least not for me.

This was after all a very fitting end to the story of Moving Tenley into My Home.

After Kicking her out

After kicking Tenley out of my house she left the following message on mom’s answering machine:

You may want to recommend to your son to leave me the fuck alone. Because when pissed off I can be quite vicious as you know, and um, I don’t think very highly of either of you.  I spent(garble garble- inaudible) either of  you in my life. Coming from a mother who hasn’t worked a day in her fucking life and a brother who is trailer park white trash… I think you both are fucking scum.

After that she left a message explaining how she was back in LA now. I will let it speak for itself:

Hi Mom it’s Tenley. Um, I’m in LA? I don’t know, you’re machine cut me off. But anyway I live in LA now, so um, you don’t need to get me at Tor’s. You can get Tor’s side of the story if you want. I don’t even give a fuck anymore. Um, I am sick of hearing from his wife that he hasn’t slept with her in four months and sick of hearing his friends tell him that, you know, whatever. Anyway, um, it all really doesn’t matter anymore because there is nothing you or Tor or anyone else can do to help me. But um, I’ll call you when I figure out what I am doing with my life. And I am having someone go to pick up my stuff from Tor’s house because I don’t really have a lot of (inaudible….) and Um…. Please don’t worry about me. Please, please, please don’t. I am OK. Believe me, I am more OK than Tor and a lot of people that I know. And it’s really sad. Um, I have friends and a lot of people that love me and that means more to me than anything in this world. That means more to me than family. And I just wanted you to know that. Um, you can call and talk to Tor and he can tell you whatever he wants, I don’t really give a shit anymore. He can keep whatever he has up there of mine. Um, or not. Um, but anyways, I’m done. I am done with that. I am done with that scene and I am starting a new life. And I don’t know where it is yet, but I will be OK. And I want you to know that and I love you, and I love you Tom, and I’m OK. OK. I will call you soon when, I don’t know, when I’m better. Or when I am at least settled somewhere. I don’t know where yet, but somewhere. Um, but I want you to know that I am with people that love me. That really, really, really love me. And honestly right now, not my family.

Oh wait, did she say she would call back after she figured out what she would do? She did didn’t she?

“I just thought I would let you know in case you or Tor or whoever else is wondering what I am doing with my life, uh. I’m following in your footsteps. For work I just fuck guys, as many as possible and I just do it for money or drugs or whatever. And um, its more profitable then going to work. It’s more easy actually it’s uh, a lot quicker. And um, In case you’re wondering where I learned that from my mother because that is what she did with my father for years and years and years and years. She just fucked him for money. Whore!”

Oh, but of course she was not done there. She had to be sure mom and I wouldn’t ruin what she now had going with dad again so she leaves another message explaining why we shouldn’t tell him what was going on. haha, yah, like I wouldn’t tell him everything. God he felt sorry for her.

By the way, I hope you haven’t called my father or um tried to relay a message through my normal brother, the one who smokes forty dollars worth of pot per day and uh drinks at least a six pack per night and uh, lets his wife have cyber sex for at least a year that I know of. Um, you know, the guy that’s in denial, that would be my brother. The one that thinks nothing is going on. I hope to god that neither of you have decided to go to my father and tell him what you think is going on. Because out of all of this, I am the only one that has ever confronted him and told him what I really think and what I really feel. Um, while the two of you sat in denial and uh, snuck around behind his back and didn’t confront him. So, remember that, because that’s my father. And his relationship with me is mine. You can’t take it from me. Please don’t interfere.

Tenley Myers as Tony Montana with a huge pile of Cocaine.  Tenley love her some cocaine. Just listen to her nose whistle.

If you have ever spent any time around Tenley in the last 15 to 20 years you will notice and interesting thing. Her nose whistles. Not a small one either. I could only image what its like when she runs. haha.

If you have ever seen the movie Me Myself and Irene there a part in the movie where Hank (played by Jim Carry) gets his nose broken and it whistles for most of the rest of the movie. I cannot watch that movie without thinking of how her nose sounds exactly the same.

Speaking of movies. If you really want to know what Tenley’s lifestyle is like then you must watch the movie Spun.

Britney Murphy plays a girl named Nikki, a drug addict living in a meth house with a dealer and his girlfriend who are always fighting. There is just something about her character that captures Tenley to a tee. I guess all drug addicts are like that. Especially with Meth and Cocaine.

Tenley, you are fucking stupid you dumbass. You must be a McElroy for real.