The McElroys – Brian

Elementary School

I met Brian when we were in elementary school at Grand View Elementary in Manhattan Beach.  To this day I remember the conversation well because we where talking about lent.  Because my family was not religious I didn’t really understand it. But he explained that he had to give up something that he liked for let.   He told me that he  choose fighting.  He was going to try and get into less fights.  Not knowing it at the time this could have been the first sign of what goes on in the McElroy household.

Jr High School

High School

At some point in high school Agnes decided Brian needed to go to school in LA were she was a teacher. So we started hanging out there every now and then.  This is where I met his cousins David and Paul for the first time. I remember I was really into punk rock and they worked security at the door of a club where the Meat Puppets were playing that night.  Funny how this many years later we meet again under such strange circumstances.

Brian Chooses Sides

BrianMichaelTenley LLC.

Tenley catches Brian cheating in their own home

As with all of the relationships I have ever witnessed Brian have this one involves him cheating.  It is just who he is.   But this one was told to me by Tenley herself.  She told me how she was living with Brian in he and Michael’s home in Hawthorne.


Brian to get Married



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