The McElroys – Michael

Michael is the youngest of the McElroy boys. After the death of their older Brother Brian and Michael became really close, inseparable, best friends.  This comes directly from Tenley of course and is very understandable.  They are a tight family.


My father had an extensive gun collection that I always imagined I would own, there were guns in that collection that have been in the family for almost 100 years now.  Knowing him and from conversations we had in the past I know that he wanted me to have those guns to pass down to my boys.

Well, when my father was arrested for child porn and his apartment was searched they found all of his illegal guns. So all of his guns were impounded and he was never allowed to own a gun again.  Because my father never wanted me to know he was a pedophile he couldn’t contact me to allow me to take ownership of the legal guns, so Tenley brought in her friend and business partner Michael. From what she told me he had to buy them and took possession.  So as far as I know he has my guns.

Michael moves to LA apartment,

This is just an example of daily events when Tenley is in your life. While I was down dealing with my father dying all Tenley really wanted to do was use me to move her and dads stuff around. So one day we had to go to her apartment (details in neighbor harassment). Michael was moving to LA because Brian was about to get married and Michael lived in Brian’s house, where the newlyweds would presumably together.

So after moving all of Tenley’s shit we went about other business with our father.  A day or two passed and Tenley and I are driving somewhere and Michael calls. I could here him speaking because his voice was elevated and he was complaining to Tenley because Tenley lets all of her friends rent out the parking spots at the apartments during events at USC and the Colosseum just down the street.   You know the guys that approach you while your searching for a spot “right over here on this front yard, just $20, its safe, its safe”.  I can understand his being upset coming home from work and finding your spot gone, and knowing Tenley gets a cut, be it cash, or favors like scoring drugs or  harassing people for you later.

Anyways, when Tenley gets off the phone she explains the entire thing, I already knew she rented the spots out, she had done that for years. But the way she explained it, she had her laugh that she gets when she is filling her tanks. After the call she had way more energy to face whatever it was we were doing at the time. Knowing that she caused that little bit of chaos, that a seed she planted had given her a bit of control by proxy. Her minions are at work, she gets confidence from  that confirmation.  This was causing obvious distress in someone she is extremely close to, but she is oblivious to it. It doesn’t matter to her. I remember feeling bad for him, imagining myself after work, tired, just wanting to get home, and getting to deal with that.

Being her brother, I know that feeling well and I believe Michael and I could relate to each other at a very deep level because of the trillion other times I am sure she has done something like that to him I was not lucky enough to have witnessed.

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