The McElroys

I grew up a couple blocks away from the McElroys and have much history with this Brady Bunch of a clan. Yep, three boys, three girls and bunkhouse living quarters that you might expect them to have. The dinning room table was a huge round table and massive lazy Suzy in the middle so serving bowls can be spun around to all those hungry little faces.  With great matching wooden chairs It reminded me of something the Templar Nights might eat at. There house was smaller but with a great room with peaked roof and open beams. It has a great vibe to it and one of the larger yards left in the neighborhood.

We were so close that as Tenley put it to me multiple times “if your a McElroy your a Myers and if your a Myers your a McElroy”.  Brian was one of my closest and best friends through elementary, junior high and high school, I loved and of course still love them, but for Tenley to say that is just a great example of her little world and mind. I left LA when I was a teenager and never came back. I know them, but I, and they, are not the same people.  Tenley is embedded in their world and has been for a very long time.  I have not.

I find myself writing about them now only because Tenley is embedded in their lives and Agnes Mcelroy is her surrogate mother and enabler.  She also shares some of the same issues as our father Jack did.  I have seen court documents with a judge calling Agnes a pedophile.  After my next trip to the LA courthouse I will attain and post them here as proof. If Tenley did not have a safe environment where what she does will never get her evicted, then the innocent families and most importantly children, wouldn’t be facing the harassment, and believe me, horror they are forced to face on a daily bases.  But more at that later.  My best friend Brian and Tenley are very close, all she talked about the first time I went to LA after all those years was having children with him, and he chose her side.  I believe he sees it that clearly and I hold nothing against him for that. But at the time, all those years ago, he wouldn’t return my phone calls, he wrote me off and didn’t want to hear it, so the line is clear.

I hold no anger for any of them for anything directly towards me. In fact its the opposite, I feel for what they face in an old sociopath living in their family. I wouldn’t imagine they have ever really studied up on it, So, now that she is over 50 and not calming like she should, the future court battles they will be dragged into.  But most importantly she will eventually fuck them over.  She has a great case showing how she has worked for them for years doing illegal things. She has them in a corner just as much as anyone else, even more.

Brian chose a side, they can use my book or anything else freely, I would even help them if they asked,,,, maybe. They did choose sides after all. And if the picture of the truth I see so far is what it is, they made their own bed out of greed and they can now lie in it.

Tenley told me some gnarly shit about these people that went on in the past 20 years. I don’t know how much is true, but I have a lot of old emails from her bragging period in 2009 after we started talking again.  Funny, that reminds me.  The first time I saw Brian after all those years he kept telling me how happy he was I was talking to my sister. I imagine he may not feel that way down the road. But then again, he knows EVERYTHING, about her. He has a lot of power in this situation, not sure if he realizes that.


Agnes McElroy, Brian McElroy, Michael McElroy

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