When The Mirror Breaks

Tenley Myers (AKA); Tenley None Myers, Tenley Leroy, Tenley Meyers, Tenley Mcelroy, Tenley Elroy, Tenley M Myers, Tenley Hatzakis, Mrs. Antonio Smith, Sharon Needles, Paige Turner, RunHappy, jacqueline daniels)

The Portland Years

Is that a file cabinet or your kitchen cupboards?
For a number of years Tenley lived in the Portland area, Beaverton to be exact. I didn’t have much contact with her at this time but heard a lot of stories.

At this time she was working both my mom and dad for money to live on. When mom found out about this she decided to distance herself from Tenley. She felt betrayed. The kind of betrayal that really tears at your heart. You do what you can for someone. You even drive down and spend time in the drug den and help her move to a new place that eventually, of course, becomes another drug den. At this point Tenley tried to get mom to let her move into her house. Anyone who has ever dealt with someone like this will tell you that letting them move into your house is the worst thing you could ever do. So mom had to come up with an excuse not to let Tenley move into her house. She gave her some excuse about her cat and the effect Tenley’s dog has on the cat. Actually a real excuse. Anyone who has ever lived with one of Tenley’s dogs knows that they are as destructive as Tenley. Bowie was that bad. When they lived in my house that dog got in fights with my dog, pissed all over the place and was generally just a pain in the ass. But that dog was great for Tenley because it had seizures and that allowed Tenley to get her hands on good meds from the vet that she could take and not give to the dog, who actually needed them. Anyway, when mom wouldn’t let Tenley move into her house Tenley was pissed. She held a grudge about this, and still does. She claims that Mom and I never helped her and even in 2010 left this message on mom’s phone bringing up the lies that make up her past. Remember, mom was paying her rent and going down to help and this was after I drove to LA and moved the bitch into my home where she fucked all my friends and did everything in her power to raise hell. No Tenley, by 2010 I did nothing to help you did I? God she is broken.

So mom was mad and Tenley wanted to get her on the phone so she could play her pity party and get mom to let her move in. She wanted to tug on her heart strings like a good sociopath does. When mom wasn’t returning her phone calls she actually called and left a message on moms answering machine stating “You don’t care about me, I whore myself out for coke and I am dying of aids.” WOW, now that is a powerful statement and one that should never be taken lightly. But talking about it later Tenley wrote it off as just another way to get mom to answer her phone. There are apparently no lines that cannot be crossed to get what you want when you are the Tenley.

At one point while she was living in Portland she decided to do a road trip in her Barney Mobile. It was an old purple Chrysler LeBaron that she called the Barney Mobile. On this trip she took two of the young girls with her that she was hanging around with. Side point, at some point sociopaths end up hanging around with people much younger than themselves. This is because at some point normal people will find someone, settle down and have a family. This is not possible for the sociopath drug addict. In order to stay in the drugs they have to stay with the crowd that is doing drugs. And in order to keep their con going they have to find new people to con. The best demographic for that is late teen early to early 20’s. Aside from that they will prey on the week minded.

Anyways back to the road trip. So here is Tenley in her 30’s on a road trip with a couple of much younger girls. Their goal would be the mother load of drug sources, because that is how Tenley would paint the picture to them. After all, she never had a problem finding them in LA. The problem is she just needed someone to use in order to get there. Gas money and moral support for sure, I am not sure what else they had to offer but I am sure it wasn’t money because of what happened when she got to LA. I honestly cannot speak directly to all of the events that occurred but the way it was described to me was that Tenley basically gave them a lesson in how to get drugs out of men when you are a woman with no money. In the end all Tenley accomplished was to acquire drugs in such a disturbing way that she scared those two girls straight. It just goes to show that you could call some people coke whores, but until you actually see the true ugliness of what that really means, like they did, it doesn’t mean anything. This really just goes to show how hard core Tenley really is and how she has lost all concepts of morality.