Tenley Myers Harassing People


To the families that are stuck living in close proximity to Tenley I can only offer a little advice.

Protect your children. She does not care about the age of her victims. She has shone this over and over, if you live next to her you know this. There are clear cases documented in court papers on this site showing what she says and how she says it.

She once told me a story about a Mexican family living in her building. She told me how she told them she was married to a solder who is in Iraq and how he has guns and knows how to use them to kill Mexicans. She admitted to me that she said this with children present.

Never let out any personal information. In fact, just don’t say anything. She will always use your personal information to hurt you. The more she knows about you the more weapons she has at her disposal to hurt you. And remember, to hurt you is her end game.

Ignore Her. Just as you do when raising a child and they are acting up, you must ignore their manipulative behavior. Her entire reason for harassing you is to get attention.  She has no other source for that. Ignoring her extreme behavior empowers you and isolates her even more. If she is not getting what she wants she will eventually move on. It is a very strong tool in keeping you mentally healthy in this situation.

Pity her, Feel sorry for her, Prey for her! She has nothing but what you see. Her life is nothing but negative energy that she has to share with those around her. Ignore her, no matter what she says it is lies and lies cannot hurt unless you let them.

Because her lies cannot hurt you there is no reason to get angry about what she is saying and doing. Anger is not creative, it is how she controls you.  Take that anger and turn it positive. She is doing this to herself if you let her control your emotions she is winning. So if you are documenting what she is doing you will see clearly how insane she is and how you are not. You can keep the higher ground and let her spin out of control on her own.

Tenley is a result of some of the worst kind of abuse you can imagine. She was hurt by the man who was supposed to be her protector.  His love is supposed to give her value, so she goes on to be a strong woman.  But she didn’t get love, she got the nastiest of attention.  So she could never have a healthy relationship with any man. She spent her entire life having to play games to manipulate money out of him to survive.  Her only relationships with men have to be men with extreme personalities.  Think cops and drug dealers, those are her favorites because they are very handy tools in her games. The only other safe haven she has ever had is with Agnus.  And this too shall pass.

So always remember that she is the problem and her life has fallen to shit, but your life has the most important ingredient, LOVE.  Imagine life without any love at all.  Sad, so sad.

Keep a positive attitude. Remember, you all have families and friends who love you.  You have a future that she will never have. Learning to ignore the noise that barking dog makes at the end of its chain and enjoying your family, the park, whatever it takes.

She is the one that is miserable and she is trying to make you miserable with her. Guard that!  You control your emotions. She is a sick little angry dog making a lot of noise but what does she really have over you?  Nothing! That is why she will push you to your limits, to draw you out make you do something you wouldn’t normally do.

If she calls you an abuser over and over and over while she is doing some other unrelated detestable  thing to your family at the same time she is trying to get you to do something and then she will take you to court to be sure you are labeled that.  Once she is there, she has in you in servitude, if you raise your voice she will call the police and they will arrive with her absolutely distrait, crying, shaking, (with the cigarette is the best) and exclaim how scared of you she is.  (again, why doesn’t a millionaire just move?) And in the end if she is not stopped she will get you to move.

So keep that positive attitude, remember how beautiful your children are and the futures they have. Remember that you will have relationships with your children as adults (and, oh heck yah, grand children) that she has and will never have the opportunity to have.

Document everything you can. This means if you have a camera of any kind you document what she is doing to you. If there is any reason to call the police and file a report you do it. It is only the history of what she is doing that can stop her, but you must build that history today to be able to use it tomorrow.

Just click the upload button in the top right of this page to upload any images, stories, whatever you have that I can verify to be true I will document in this book for you.


Don’t give in to her tears. Tenley is the crying master. She can cry on cue and has been manipulating police officers and others in the system this way for as long as I can remember.  She has always bragged to no end about it to me because it is how she manipulated our father for the last half century.  It is hard to see a woman cry, but just remember who she is, it is a facade and she will be laughing later if she gets away with it. She reads your faces while she is crying so she can play the room.


Tenley, why do you live there?

Why would someone with a masters degree to be a CPA, who is in possession of more then a million dollars from her fathers estate and who is supposedly being harassed, yes, she will try to turn the tables, not just move? Ask yourself, why does she lives there?

“Near as I can tell, the house is for you and I and our future. His way of leaving us his money.

That creates a bit of a problem for me as I will be taking a damn oath with my CPA license.

I am required by law to report all monies, assets, etc etc. or I go to prison. You can get away with “offshore” investments.”

True, the house has appreciated and is worth $1.3 mil free and clear. 

Tenley Myers 2/12/2009 

Given her attitude she sent me in the above email it seams obvious when you look at her relationship to the owners  of the building, the McElroys. Until recently she was business partners with them in BrianMichaelTenley LLC. Previously you could see that Tenley was a managing partner but was removed.


From what it looks like they have now actually inactivated their corporation.



Oddly this all occurred around the time and after she filed assault charges on one of the people she is harassing.

So, from what I can tell Agnes now owns the buildings that have been in the family a long time. When Grandma died she got the property and is now trying to make more money off of it.  Makes sense to me, why not. But Because of rent control she cannot evict anyone in order to up the rent. Again, this is speculation, but given the court documents with cases against other tenants who have left the building it sure looks clear. And how does someone like Tenley who had something like 6 to 8 restraining orders against her in that building not get evicted?  Really?

So Tenley pays basically no rent as long as she just does what she does and gets people to move out. She bragged on and on to mom and I about how she managed the apartments for the McElroys for free rent. But most importantly for Tenley, she gets a consequence free environment, any other building she would have been evicted by now but Agnes wont  This has now been going on more then a decade that I know of, probably longer.

And yes, if your wondering this is the same Agnes that Tenley was talking about in the email this quote came from:

“The ONLY other people who know are my boss, the DEA agent I was dating at the time and Brian. That’s IT! I will tell you why Brian will NEVER tell a sole later on the phone. Let’s just say his family is in the VERY SAME SITUATION BUT WORSE. He knows the pain well. But, his brother Michael doesn’t know the details I will tell you of how I know. He only knows the court case as a result of the search warrant.”
— Tenley Myers, 2/27/2009


BrianMichaelTenly LLC  started back when dad was dying and I was moving his and Tenley’s crap around for them, its all about there crap, she explained the entire situation to me. Her Idea with Brian and Michael was dreamed up after the 2009 real estate crash. They saw they could pick up houses really cheap and just keep them going and make as much as possible off being “slum lords”.  Yes, she used that term. She explained to me over and over how much fun it was to harass these people.  Especially the Mexicans. She hates Mexicans. Any time you see a Mexican trying to make a living she will harass them about permits, and crap. Mostly confuses them but she gets a good laugh out of it. I even saw her do it to one of those bell ringers at Christmas time. I gave the nun buck and that set Tenley off on a racist rant for like half hour. About how that lady just dresses up to take our money. You see, Tenley sees the possibility for a scam in everything. A born con artist.

So as you read on please keep in mind that this millionaire who loves to live in the apartments owned by the family of her real estate businessmen partner loves to vacation in Costa Rica when she isn’t harassing innocent people.

“Near as I can tell, the house is for you and I and our future. His way of leaving us his money.

That creates a bit of a problem for me as I will be taking a damn oath with my CPA license.

I am required by law to report all monies, assets, etc etc. or I go to prison. You can get away with “offshore” investments.”

True, the house has appreciated and is worth $1.3 mil free and clear. 

Tenley Myers 2/12/2009 


The view from her bedroom in our Costa Rica house where she spent three months of each year hanging out with daddy.  At least the neighbors didn’t have to deal with her while she is was down there.

CostaRica001 916

She also loved to party up with the ex patriots in Costa Rica when she could make it down there for the 4th of July. Here she is with Drunky and another friend singing and dancing:

CostaRica001 900

CostaRica001 905

Tenley also owns a Lexus SC400, A Range Rover, in the picture above, and has possession of our fathers very high end Jaguar.  She loves to drive them around and show them off like the big fish in a little pond. Seriously, why does someone live in a neighborhood like that when they could easily move to anywhere they wanted. Because she is a sociopath, she has to hurt people and she lives in an environment where she will never be evicted. She is protected by the McElroy’s where she is now. Who don’t forget are her real estate business partners who I am sure would love to get these people out of their rent controlled apartments.

So, here Tenley is in action  I am working on getting the back stories for these but I do know there were at least 5 children living in this apartment at the time.

Here are four videos of Tenley in action.  So, is this minding your own business?  If you were scared of someone that supposedly assaulted you is this how you would “stay out of there way”? When you see the court transcripts that revolve around this property it becomes clear she is doing this for her friends; Agnes, Brian and Michael McElroy, what is not clear is if they asked her to do it.  But it is clear, they are not trying to stop it. Knowing Tenley I would believe she has them to scared to confront her. She will ruin there lives.

Kicking their water bottles over.

Trying to make her dog use their lawn as a bathroom.


Tenley and Dogs

One of Tenley’s most powerful tools in harassment is dogs. She has always had one and she will always have the most annoying kind of dog possible. This is why as an adult she has always had Husky, She can make them howl at any time so the neighbors bet to listen to it. If a complaint is filed it is her dog and she can make you feel bad for complaining because she assumes you don’t know that she is in the house going (MAXXXX!! AHHH WOOO WOOO WOOO!!!! until the dog is howling uncontrollable.  I witnessed this on many occasions while I was staying at the Vue in San Pedro with our father while he was dying.  Yes, no matter where she is you will hate being her neighbor. This is probably animal abuse in some way.

There is a video below of her making Max use the Paz family lawn as a toilet and she does this to others from what I understand as well.

When she was a kid she had this rat like terror.


I wish I could tell you how many times this horrible and sad little creature bit me. She trained it to.

Then when in high school she just had to have a dog that was 3/4 wolf.  Oh that was her pride and joy.  The entire neighborhood was scared of that dog. They would pick up there little dogs and leave if they saw her coming. God she loved that and laughed insidiously every time.

You see, she can always make excuses for a dogs behavior. People will believe that a dog is having problems, a bad day, etc…  Because most people are not there every day to see what is actually causing the disturbance, and that is her through her dog.


I can think of no better way to demonstrate who Tenley really is than with the way she relates with her neighbors. It is always telling how people get along with those closest to them. We are all the easiest targets after all and sociopaths are incapable of getting through the day without some form of conflict. Remember, in their mind the sociopath always wins.

Here is something she said when her and dad where living in San Pedro:

“oh when i was explaining i would smoke medical marajuana during the busiest time when people are coming to lease and passing by my door he said something or other about calling the cops on me. that’s when i said, “oh cops” “you want cops” why yes, every night when my cop boyfriend comes over for dinner he will park his DEA car with the lights on top in the front of the building turn around. what impression of the VUE does that give? hahaha…..he was HORRIFIED when i said boyfriend is a cop i told him “who do you think i got these LEGAL ideas from” “ Tenley Myers – 10/20/2009

The following section is what was all told to me by her. Then more information I dug up directly from those involved as well as from court documents. I am pretty sure this is the section that will grow most over time.

Tenley Myers Front Yard in LA



Tenley had a neighbor that was in a legal battle with the Surrogate Family. The neighbor is a cousin of theirs. There was a lawsuit going on in regards to someone’s estate. I don’t know the details and never really cared to know. Somehow Tenley got involved with and was named in the lawsuit. Tenley talked about it a lot and hated their cousin for it. There are a couple stories involving him that she must have told me 100 times.  As she told them you could see the joy in her eyes. She would laugh uncontrollably when she thought about how much she could actually hurt him.

The first and constant harassment was in the form of her alarm clock. She set her alarm clock to go off very early in the morning, something like 4:00 AM. At the time she wasn’t even staying there but the Surrogate Family were holding her apartment for after Dad passed away so she could move back in. The alarm would go off every morning set at full volume. She had it sitting an open window on the side of her apartment so that it was as close as possible to his room. Because she was not there it would go on and on until it timed out. My understanding is that was a very long time. He would leave messages on her answering machine asking that she please turn it off. Not knowing who she really was he didn’t understand what joy this gave her. It fueled her fire.

There was another story about how her dog killed their cat. She thought it was hilarious. Yes, she laughed hard as she told me this story every time. She found the dead cat on her porch. So she got a broom and worked the cat over onto their porch. Then she took the door mat and put it over the cat. So they would know that someone knew about it. This is a form of gas slighting, her favorite form. Just like when the Manson family would break into people’s homes and not steal anything. They would just move everything around to upset and confuse the residents.

Tenley Myers Ariel View of House in LAThe game that I found most disturbing that she played on these people was when she found out that his father had died. I don’t know his name and it’s not that important to the story other then she used his name to hurt. So I will call him Dead Father. When Tenley would get bored and needed someone to hurt she would step out onto her back porch, or just open a window and pretend that she was calling her cat. But the name she used was Dead Father. So this man would be sitting in his house minding his own business and would have to be subject to Tenleys voice calling out the name of his dead father. Over and over, “Dead Father, here Dead Father,,, Come home Dead Father”.  She would do this over and over until she got some kind of reaction out of him. That is what she was going for after all.

There was one other story and I don’t remember the details of it but basically she turned him in for growing Marijuana. I don’t know if it was true because I only have Tenley’s word to go by. But basically Tenley has a friend in the media. She told me that she could call upon him to report stuff for her. She always has a “friend” somewhere that she can call upon, IRS, DEA, Prison, etc…  So she gets the neighbor in trouble and then calls her friend in the media to come interview her about the story. This way the neighbor would know exactly why he was busted.  This is the same friend that she told me she could get to come release a story about the “black water” incident at the Vue apartments.


Some legal papers surrounding people who are unfortunate enough to find themselves living in proximity to Tenley:

Case number BS108726; Paz vs. Tenley Myers

“I am sure that Tenley is suffering from emotional distress because at least seven different people have restraining orders against her in our apartment complex. She is also likely under distress because of criminal and civil cases currently pending.”

Seven restraining orders? Really? Seven restraining orders against her just from her immediate neighbors? Let’s think about that for a minute. The property has a duplex and a four-plex. 6 units and she has 7 restraining orders against her? Keep in mind she resides in one of these units and this poor guy is just now getting around to getting one. So of the 6 units two didn’t have any at the time of this case. So, if I am defaming her character, how could that be if everyone she comes in contact with at her home has a restraining order against her?

What it sounds like to me is that her surrogate family owns rent controlled buildings and the only way to up the rent is to have the old tenants move out and new ones move in. What’s the best way to get the old tenants out? Move Tenley into the building and have her harass everyone until they decide to move. Looks obvious to me. What a bunch of dirt bags.

When Tenley and I were talking she told me how she wanted to be a slum lord. She actually said it that way. It is obvious to me now that she fully understands how to take advantage of people for her the most personal gain. Her and a couple members of her surrogate family even started a corporation just for that purpose. They came up with this Gem of a company name; BrianMichaelTenley LLC. Tenley is no doubt the voluntary eviction specialist. Yeah, good luck with that guys.

Court Transcript:

Case number BS108726; Paz vs. Tenley Myers


Case number BS108726; Paz vs. Tenley Myers, continued



Case number BS108726; Paz vs. Tenley Myers, continued



Case number BS104069; Who Flung Poo?

Court Transcript:

Case number BS104069 c/w BS104107, Aragon vs. Tenley Myers



Case number BS104069 c/w BS104107, Aragon vs. Tenley Myers, continued



Case number BS104069 c/w BS104107, Aragon vs. Tenley Myers, continued



Tenley Myers Rent

Funny, in the above court transcripts she states that she pays $1200 a month rent. But in an email to me she states the following:

“ now i still work for same guy but it’s so flexible it’s cool  but, i couldnt live on it if i actually had to pay market rate rent (which its VERY reduced now because of the lawsuit and Brians familly felt bad)”
Tenley Myers – 6/5/2009

She had told me that she worked for the same guy for the last 20 years during tax season, minus the year she spent in Oregon. She told me how their relationship was perfect because he was very flexible with her hours and that he didn’t mind if she did her friends and surrogate family’s taxes there for free. She explained that he was a very heavy drinker and even had a keg in the office. Not sure how much of that is true because it came from Tenley but it does make me wonder about her statement in the same court transcript that she didn’t work because she was a full time student. If that is the case I have to wonder if she was working under the table for him. How ironic would it be to find out that she was doing peoples taxes under the table? Knowing her methods I bet an audit would find some interesting “accounting”.

Tenley Myers, always the victim -From harassment claims where she lost in court showing her complaining to the police that the people with the harassment order against her were harassing her now. I don’t believe with all the times in court, and these are just the tip of the iceberg, that she has ever won a case.









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When the narcisist is no longer gazing into the mirror, what happens to the mirror? It breaks! Truth be told, it always was broken.